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As a family owned and operated business, Insurance of South Florida is committed to providing quality Insurance products for both individuals and businesses. Our primary focus is life insurance with living benefits that come with added protection. The policy, in addition to a death benefit, include a Critical, Chronic & Terminal Rider in case of a cancer diagnosis, stroke, heart attack or many other catastrophic events. We also offer health insurance, including Obamacare, Medicare Advantage as well as homeowner insurance.

With Insurance of South Florida, our friendly staff will work with you on a one-on-one basis to 
develop NOT ONLY the perfect policy, but also a lasting relationship.
Next-Gen Protection

Baixe seu livro grátis!Next-Gen Protection

O futuro é agora. Este livro inovador que traz a realidade aprimorada, vai te mostrar porque possuir um Seguro de Vida com Benefícios em Vida não é luxo nestes dias e era, mas uma necessidade urgente.

Next-Gen Protection