Barbara J. Niernberger Natale

Barbara J. Niernberger Natale

Safe Money and Tax Free Retirement Expert

19955 Silver Horn Lane

Monument, Colorado 80132

About Me

I enjoy the BEST JOB in the world ! 

I can help you realize your dreams.  I get to help you create your financial future, giving you peace of mind, helping you build tax-advantaged strategies and lifetime income solutions.

I can provide the value of Living Benefits.  Imagine having Life Insurance you don’t have to die to use!  You don’t need to imagine it, we can make it happen together.  

I protected you from market fluctuations allowing your income to be IRS and creditor free.  They go up when the market advances but don’t drop when the market falls.   
Most importantly, I get to move people I meet from clients to friends, and clients to teammates 

Next-Gen Protection

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