Brian H. Belair MA#1870576 NH#2050361 FL#W452571

Brian H. Belair MA#1870576 NH#2050361 FL#W452571

Life Insurance Consultant

Nashua, NH

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website where you will find brief videos explaining advances in Life Insurance and testimonials from "real life" clients.

On a personal note, I truly appreciate the opportunity my many clients have given me to provide their families with peace of mind and millions of dollars in Life Insurance protection.  I could have used this new kind of Life Insurance in 2010 when I had a cardiac event requiring 5 days in ICU and a visit from the hospital priest, serious stuff.

Let's put an affordable plan in place so YOU and YOUR FAMILY are protected for years to come.

Please contact me at brian@peaceofmindlifeins.com or (603) 493-6519.
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