Jeffrey Conley

Jeffrey Conley

Financial Professional

Life, Medicare, Disability
Long Term Care, Mortgage Protection,
Wealth Transfers, Tax Free Retirement & All Medical (under age 65 ACA & PPO's

About Me

Education      Empowerment     Action
           We live by these words every day, which is why our primary focus is always on client education.  
There is a severe lack of education when it comes to personal finance. Today 50% of American workers have less than $2,000 saved for retirement.  We see these shortcomings as an opportunity to help bridge that gap in understanding and comprehension and lead our clients to financial independence.
Our people understand that “selling” financial concepts to clients is not the best way to influence their decisions.  People make decisions when they feel empowered to do so, & the best way to empower anyone has always been by educating them.
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