Kenny H. Baker

Kenny H. Baker

Financial Professional, Retirement Income Planning, Living Benefits Expert

4740 Cleveland Heights Blvd
Suite 5
Lakeland, Florida 33813

About Me

Kenny Baker
I'm married to the love of my life, Alicia. We had 5 children before we figured out what was causing that to happen. Dusty, Jordan, Colby, Ashley & Willie, with 3 grandchildren. Ali, Ava & Charlotte, who call us "Paw Paw" & Nanna.

I'm in the financial services business with a very unique approach in that I help people FIND MONEY they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. I believe there is more opportunity to serve by helping you avoid the losses than by picking the winners. That's what I do!

Bottom Line - Only Two Ways to Help People Financially? 
1. Find better products that pay higher returns. 
2. Be more efficient by avoiding unnecessary losses.

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