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Perette & Robert Irby

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About Me

Legacy Consultants, LLC, A Five Rings Financial Agency, is a financial services consulting firm.  We are committed to sharing and impacting others with financial education on a global scale that will generate change and leave a generational legacy.

- We specialize in safe money strategies
- We educate our clients on how to save money for retirement so they have income for life
- Protect their savings from loss, our clients never lose money
- Protect their families with Living Benefits, life insurance you don't have to die to use

We also offer our clients free consultations which includes a financial needs analysis to help our clients reach their financial goals.
Next-Gen Protection

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The future is now. This first-of-its-kind, augmented reality-enhanced book will show you why owning Living Benefits life insurance is not a luxury in this day and age, but an urgent necessity.

Next-Gen Protection