Luis Puente

Luis Puente

Financial Education

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About Me

❌ Money is confusing to at least 76% of women.
❌ 71% of Americans have fears about money and talking about money.
❌ And, almost half (44%) of the population in this country find talking about money challenging...

✔️ At Five Rings Financial we are helping beat these challenges in at least these two ways:

1️⃣ ONE: We first educate people about how money works and share basic financial principles with 👨‍🎨 men and 👩‍💼 women so they are able to make better decisions related to their money and their savings. We have a fun class to teach those principles called Money 101.

2️⃣ TWO: Wine, Women and Wealth is a wonderful opportunity for women to get together and learn more about money.

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