Paivi Kaufman

Paivi Kaufman

Financial Professional

9024 Vineyard Lake Drive

Plantation, FL 33324

About Me

I have been helping Families since 1994. My years of experience combined with a complete portfolio of top rated companies and products allows you to make only ONE PHONE CALL 954.967.6700!  and get all your questions answered  

I specialize in a "New Kind" of Life Insurance called "Living Benefits", where you don't need to die to use it (and a lot more)

I am happy to provide you with FREE professional advice, FREE policy reviews, FREE customized insurance quotes and recommendations

I LOVE living in Beautiful Sunny Florida and spending my free time with my  furry dogs - I CAN help families in most states USA
YOU and your LOVED ONES get "All the peace of mind" You deserve.
Next-Gen Protection

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