Laura Nonte

Laura Nonte

Marketing Partner

6050 Stetson Hills Blvd. Ste.#278

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

About Me

I have been an agent with Five Rings Financial for 3 years.  I came here through the Real Estate Investing world where I learned about how the wealthy grow and protect their assets.  I'm excited to teach what I learned because it works for everyone.     I can show you how to leverage your money and create a plan for saving, college funding and/or retirement income.  

I specialize in Living Benefits and Tax-Free Retirement.

I co-host monthly educational workshops called "Money 101" and "Wine, Women and Wealth".

I'm an independent agent and I'm blessed to hang my license with Five Rings Financial.   It's a privilege to help my clients feel good about money and their future.
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